The Collected Works

of Tammy Hughes

The Collected Works

of Tammy Hughes

Fine Art Portraits and custom card designs by Tammy Hughes
Curator of Beautiful Things

Welcome to the Collected Works

Tammy has curated her personal work into Collections, making them available in print on fine art paper, canvas, and in bespoke stationery designs. View samples in the drop-down menu under Product Overview. Or go directly to Shop the Collections. If you have questions, please reach her through the contact page.

More About the Artist

"For we put the thought of all that we love into all that we make."

~ J. R. R. Tolkien

Fine art nature prints by Tammy Hughes



A wistful affection for the past.

"I've always been able to sense the subtle qualities of light and color, and understood their nuanced interactions. Memories from my childhood are wrapped in what the light was like, the color and character of it. This has been a blessing as a photographer. There's nothing more breathtaking than a wisp of sunlight passing through a bride's veil, or resting on the hair of a child, or peeking under the leaves of a tree."

~ Tammy Hughes

Collected Works of Tammy Hughes fine art prints

Curated photographs, bespoke designs.

Blending her photographs, textures, antique artworks and ephemera, Tammy creates greeting cards, invitations, and personal stationery such as gift tags, notecards, and placecards. Some designs are downloadable for the DIY enthusiast. Each commission is unique, contact her for a consultation.

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Bespoke custom invitations greeting cards by Tammy Hughes Collected Works